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3 reasons you should sync with your cycle

Syncing with your menstrual cycle should be a top priority of a women, because there are so many benefits and in fact superpowers you can claim when you work in flow with your cycle. Here are 3 superwomen powers you can unleash with cycle syncing:

1 – You’ll create a schedule that works with your body and mind instead of against it. Syncing and scheduling with your cycle means you’ll be working with the natural strengths and energy levels that differ from phase to phase. When you don’t know this working with the same schedule every day will work one week but not the next.

2 – You’ll be able to achieve more whilst doing less. By syncing your cycle to your life, schedule and work you’ll be able to plan your life in line with when you’ll be best at doing that task or social event, making you more efficient and saving yourself time and give yourself more time for time off or rest.

3 – You’ll feel more positive, motivated, and optimistic. By working in sync with your cycle, you won’t be trying to push against your natural ebbs and flows, meaning that your mental health will also benefit. When you work in sync you feel like your motivation matches your schedule which reduces that feeling that you’re failing or doing rubbish.

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