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How to Sync with your Menstrual Cycle

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

Syncing with your #menstrualcycle gives you the upmost power when it comes to energetic effectiveness. When you’re in sync with your cycle, you’re not only working with the different phases of your cycle, but you’re also not pushing right back against your body.

Imagine your pushing a huge rock, you have the option to push it up a large hill or down a hill to get to your destination. What option would you go for? I am guessing you’d pick downhill like I would. Well, this is just like working with or against your cycle. When you start living with a cyclical approach to things, it’s like you didn’t even realise you could push the rock down the hill.

“If like I did, you feel like life can be such a struggle sometimes. Sometimes you feel in flow and like everything is going so well, then the next week or even sometimes the next day everything just feels like an uphill battle, then you need #cyclicalliving in your life. .”

To start syncing with your cycle you first need to track your menstrual cycle. The truth is that if you don’t have a menstrual cycle because you have some form of contraceptive (pill, injection, or patch) you might not feel these waves as much, in fact you may just feel a continuous level every single day. This is because it supresses your hormones as the same level continuously. What I can recommend is looking if you have any fluctuations in line with the #lunarcycle. But this article is for those of you not on any form of contraceptive.

Getting started

So, first thing is first you need to track your cycle to get to know your own unique phases. Whilst there are similarities amongst women, each of us has a unique cycle. So tracking is the first stage. For me currently I like to use a couple of apps on my phone. I use natural cycles where I take my temperature every morning and track symptoms and the algorithm supports me in knowing where I am in my cycle based on the data, I provide them with. Then I also like to use the MyFLO app. This can be purchased for a one-off price and used to track your cycle. For me I love the extra advice you get when you input your data. You need to know the date of your last period to get started on this app, so make sure you have this to hand.

If you don’t want an app, then I recommend just tracking it in a diary, your phone or calendar. Making note of the following each day for about 3 months is the best way, but you’ll get data and see trends after just one month:

- Day of my cycle (Day 1 = day 1 of your period)

- Phase of my cycle (if you know)

- Today I feel…

- Today my physical symptoms are…

- Score my energy out of 10 (1 – low 10-high)

- Am I spotting?

- Am I bleeding?

- What’s my motivation out of 10 (1-hardly any 10- super motivated)

- How would I describe my mood today?

These questions will get you some data on how you feel at each stage of your cycle. From here you’ll likely see themes with when you feel most motivated, most social etc. You’ll also be able to track your menstrual cycle symptoms to check your symptoms are healthy.

From here you can assess how each phase of your cycle affects you personally. In general, the phases of your cycle will affect you as follows:

#FollicularPhase – Lasts for approximately 7 to 10 days in total and fall just after your menstrual bleed. Oestrogen is increasing as you lead up to ovulation. As the aim of your menstrual cycle is ovulation, this phase is preparing your body and mind for successful ovulation. This means that your energy levels and feelings about being social will gradually build. Your brain is more effective, and your memory can seem better at this phase. You might find that your hormone levels spark creativity and problem-solving ability too.

#OvulatoryPhase – Lasts for approximately 3 to 4 days in total and comes after your Follicular Phase. As this is the actual goal of your whole menstrual cycle (not your period as most of us seem to be led to believe) these 3 to 4 days bring a whole host of amazing benefits. Your body is working hard to find a successful mate to ensure successful conception of your egg. This leads to increased energy and confidence and is the perfect time to socialise more, communicate and collaborate. The surge or oestrogen increases the connections in your brain meaning, boosting mental sharpness. It’s likely you’ll feel and look better – I mean who wants to be feeling or looking miserable if you’re looking to create a baby.

#LutealPhase – Lasts approximately 10 to 14 days in total. The Luteal phase is just after you’ve ovulated and just before your menstrual bleed or period. It’s a phase of winding down after your body has ovulated. As oestrogen drops, you’ll find your other hormones shift into gear, making a change in your mental state. Most women describe this phase as being the time where they feel more emotional and sensitive. Energy can also lower too as your body slows down. Women sometimes notice a sense of wanting to nest and get stuff ticked off the list so they can have some nesting time. You’ll likely start to want to wind down with your social stuff too, especially as you head towards the end of this phase.

#MenstrualPhase – Lasts for around 3 to 7 days in total. This phase marks the start of a new cycle. It’s when your body shed and bleeds. Whilst your #period arriving can see things change again with your mood and you’ll likely find a sense of relief after feeling a bit more sensitive the phase before, you’ll likely still feel a bit more sensitive than the next phase. Energy is lower too meaning that you’ll likely want to slow down even more and focus more on rest and self-care during this time. At this phase being social can be tricky for some of us, we can feel quite introverted, so respecting and planning for this ahead can be really helpful.

By having this knowledge above about the phases along with your own data, you’ll then be able to add the phases to your diary. Once in your diary, you can then diarise and work and life schedule in alignment with your cycle. Working with this could look like, only booking in social things during the phases of your cycle where you feel up to it. It could also be planning your Instagram lives or business networking events at the phase where you feel most confident and communicative. Can you see how this would help you work with your body and make life feel so much easier. When you’re not pushing against your natural ebbs and flows you can actually take advantage of these phases and work with them to unleash amazing superpowers that you hold within you.

If you want to live and work closer with cyclical living, your cycles and a do less approach then my doors to my transformative 1 to 1 coaching programme POWR opens very soon. Read all about it here. And you if you fancy a free discovery call to chat more about how I can support you or about the POWR programme click here to book yours now.

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