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Your Brain doesn't know the difference between what's real & what's imagined

I had a dream the other night....

... and I woke up in a complete panic. The dream I'd just woken from was one of those rather busy and stressful ones, where I was running around. When I woke, I felt breathless, I could hear and feel my heart beating fast and I felt incredibly anxious.

Your brain doesn't know the difference between what's real & what's imagined...

This statement rang especially true in the circumstance. It got me thinking about the practices, where we can really reap the benefits of telling your brain and body a different story, so it thinks and feels differently.

If your brain doesn't know the difference between what's real and what's imagined, that could be really powerful, both in a healthy or equally in an unhealthy way. But I guess the power is in knowing, that this is the case - you have a choice.

If you realise that you have this ability to tell your brain a story and it can change your body. Then you can decide to start moving towards using this, in a really healthy and inspiring way.

What if you started acting as if you already had what you wanted?

What comes up for you when you ask yourself this question? It might be quite confronting. You might not be ready to take on this question. Or you might be called to journal on this question a little.

For me personally, I first felt quite confronted. Like, “ok but what about the reality of what my life looks like now?” “My feelings are valid and things are tough”. But then when I really leant into it and gave myself the full permission, to take a moment to REALLY feel, what it would feel like to own what I wanted, I felt an incredible mind, body and soul experience. An experience where I could feel the emotion of getting to where I want to be. I had to really relax into this practice and give myself the space and time to really feel into it.

I have shared some more thoughts, knowledge and practices for this area of neuroscience in my NEW! Unleashed POWR Podcast which has just launched TODAY! If you fancy delving a little further into some top tips, prompts and science around this (or just fancy a nosey at my new podcast), then head on over to Spotify, Apple Podcasts or Anchor and search for ‘Unleashed POWR’ or just tap below to listen to the episode on anchor.

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