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My Brain has too many tabs open

The overwhelm that comes with modern life and the technique you can try to eliminate it...

If you're like me, you likely love education, learning and self development. You read it all but rarely apply much of it. You get overwhelmed and struggle to know where to apply it, because it's rare that the exact information you hear or read is exactly what you need then and there. If this is you, or you struggle with storing the vast amounts of ideas you come up with alongside basic adult life admin, you need to know about a great NEW overwhelm technique for organising the sh*t out of your life.

Meet your Second Brain

aka. Personal Knowledge Management

'Your Second Brain' as I prefer to call it, is a technique where by you create a digital list of every thought, learning, technique, video, link or task. I know it sound a LOT. However, when I think how many times I write and re-write out my to do list, I can realise the potential to actually having everything digital. You don't need a fancy paid app or anything complicated, I'm just using the Notes App on my iPhone. Let me share my process...

Step 1 - Consolidate all your notes, tasks, important info etc on your notes app on a new note called 'Quick Capture'.

Step 2 - Set up several other notes under the names: Tasks, Important Info, Projects, Archives, Resources, Areas, and Read/ Watch later.

Step 3 - Head back to your 'Quick Capture' note and sort from there moving your notes in this tab into the relevant note, here's what I use each note for:

Tasks - for daily, weekly and monthly tasks I need to do in life and work.

Important Info - for important notes or things like that code to a gate at work.

Projects - information saved for current or future projects.

Areas - this is anything that's important to you, that you want to spend time and energy on but doesn't have a specific deadline. This could be relationships, health and finances.

Read/ Watch Later - For all those great articles, podcasts, videos or snippets you want to go back to.

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