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I have coaching to suit everyone's budget & lifestyle. My clients become the most joyful, successful & happy versions of theirselves through my coaching. Together we find the unique tools for their tool belt, to simply create the life they dream of, so what are you waiting for?



Apparently I have a great voice, and what comes out my mouth is also pretty valuable too. Join me on the 'Creating a Simple Life' podcast to delve further into hacks, tips and practical advice for how to simplify your life for more success, joy and purpose. 



The Soul Simple Space I the app that's like having a coach in your pocket. What's more is that it's also a community of like-minded individuals also doing this work, so you can feel connected, heard and seen by others doing the same work. 


I feel I've finally found the life I always wanted, but didn't think I could have or deserved.

client words

I've always been the person who was told to get what I want in life, I needed to work tirelessly. Before my coaching with Lottie I was burnt out and very overwhelmed every single day from all this doing. I found myself in a bubble each day where I wasn't really present or enjoying life. I wasn't seeing any progress in my career and felt like I was failing. Lottie helped to to see just how capable I am of changing my life. She has supported me in finding what tools I need in my tool belt for dealing with moments of overwhelmed or higher stress. She helped me see how my life and routine could be so much more simple and enjoyable. I feel like I am now not only living a life I once dreamt was never possible for me, but I also believe I am worthy of this incredible life. 

Caroline - Soul Simple Life Coaching client 

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👋 Hi, I'm Lottie! I'm an overwhelm & simplicity expert.

I'm that coach who helps people like you go from "sh** I have too many tabs open in my brain" to "my life feels simple and I love it!"- I'm a complete geek for learning all things brain science, psychology and self development, so you don't have to.

My mission, is to shift you from overwhelmed, overthinking and overworked to simplicity, success and joy. I'll show you how to simplify life with ease, so that life doesn't feel so difficult. What's more I'll have you believing you deserve it too. 

I'm not here for quick fixes and fads - if you’re looking for one-size-fits-all solutions, I suggest hitting the ‘back’ button right now. 

But if you are prepared to go in deep and explore your mind and make changes to your life that will help you realise how powerful you are without having to do so much, then Soul Simple Life Coaching could be for you. 

what clients 


“Thank you so much for everything you did for me yesterday. I really appreciate you helping and I am blown away by you. You've definitely found your calling, love and gratitude.”


“Thanks again for such an amazing session and all the energy you brought to me this morning.”


“You've helped me get back on my feet and feel happier in life.  Your support has been life changing and helped me massively when I was feeling so overwhelmed and lost"


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